Best Wall Sconce Industrial Style

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Wall Sconce Industrial – When I renovated my room I wanted to put an industrial style lamp, but all the ones I saw seemed super expensive. Even the ones they had in Ikea were worth much more than other similar lamps. To give it the industrial touch, I made a cylinder of hard cardboard of 15 cm in diameter, and I covered it with white vinyl both inside and outside.

It is super simple to make and following the step by step, you will get an original wall sconce industrial to decorate your home. Place the stand inside a cardboard box so as not to get dirty and spray it with the paint spray. Once you have finished take it out of the box and let it dry completely. With the help of the drill, make a hole in the support and pass the cable inside. Connect the cable to the light socket and to the porcelain lamp holder.

Then, install the wall sconce industrial bulb. Tip: If you do not want to bore the support you can always wind the cable around it. With the drill holes the wall and place the screws so that the support is held. To finish you just have to connect the cable to the power and voila, it was done! The most commonly used elements are iron and steel. They can be present in walls, ceilings, and even in furniture.

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