Bronze Recessed Lights Option Colors

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Bronze Recessed Lights – Luminaires contribute to the warmth and ambiance of your home. Resolutely modern, recessed lights are not less discreet. Formerly criticized because of their energy consumption, LED spots now reconcile spots with ecology and economy! Halogen bulbs are often found in 25 W or 50 W. Since they dissipate a lot of heat, they are equipped with a deflector that returns light and some of the heat in the opposite direction to the base.

CFLs consume much less electricity than halogen for equivalent bronze recessed lights. Be careful thought about their performance. Some mark a time on ignition and require heating to illuminate properly. Also be interested in what is called temperature. Expressed in Kelvin, it is an indication of the color of the light. At 2700K, the light tends to yellow and is ideal for your interior lighting. Some spots are adjustable. It is thus possible to highlight a decorative element such as a painting.

A particular piece of furniture or to illuminate an area where a reinforcement of bronze recessed lights is necessary an office or a kitchen table. It is imperative to choose IPX4 or IPX5 low-voltage spots in the case of an installation in volume 1 according to the current electrical standard. Outside these volumes, 220 V spots can be used without problems. LED spotlights turn out to be a future choice because of their performance for controlled consumption.

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