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Diy Wall Sconce – When we redo our room, we have long hesitated to keep the wall lights because we did not find that we liked or they were off budget! After searching the internet, we cracked on a model. As we cobble together a bit, we have started to manufacture them ourselves (and reduce the cost at the same time). Glue the fabric to the adhesive polyphane, letting a little cloth over each edge.

Smooth as you go to chase away the air bubbles. It’s a bit the same way to cover school books with adhesive paper! Glue the “polyphonic fabric” over the structure of the diy wall sconce (if patterned fabric pays attention to the direction!). Put glue on all parts of the wall that will be in contact with the polyphane (the polyphane must arrive pile hair on the metal and not to exceed more than 2-3 mm).

Place the metal structure vertically, slowly approach the polyphane (make sure that the outer fabric that protrudes is folded forward to not put glue) and presto stick at once (to avoid overflowing glue) keep a little pressure. Wait for the glue to take (3-5 min) / do not worry if the polyphane is not well glued in some place, the next step will rectify this. On the protruding fabric, glue double-sided tape. Cut out fabric and tape to have only a small band of 5 mm or so to hide the metal of the diy wall sconce.

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