Cree Led Recessed Lighting Option Choice

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Cree Led Recessed Lighting – Since the first Slim recessed products, Slim recessed fixtures preferred by architects, interior designers, designers, builders, electricians and homeowners in North America. Slim recessed luminaires have created a whole new market trend in lighting. Recognized for their modern, elegant lines and high-end finishes. Thanks to the very innovative design of the slim type IC inserts, absolutely no housing is necessary for the installation (no thermal box).

Count more box connection and you do not even need a junction box in your ceiling. Slim inserts offer superior flexibility and unlimited plan options and can be installed a ceiling in your home to create a special, upscale living space with a warm, and lighting. Our grateful customers have successfully installed the slim downlight, even in the most confined and hard-to-reach places in their homes, including attics, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, underpinnings. Floors, soffits, garages, cribs, hallways, stairs and other areas that would have been impossible with the installation requirements of traditional cree led recessed lighting.

Recessed ceiling installations require only a 2 inch (5cm) margin and a 4 1/4 ” hole. In addition to saving you high labor costs, slim downlights provide long-lasting lighting power, leading to lower energy bills. cree led recessed lighting is good for accent lighting, when you buy should give preference to proven producers capable of demonstrating the optimal ratio between price and quality of the lighting device.

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