Functional Recessed Light Converter Ideas

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Recessed Light Converter – Having become a very fashionable functional lighting, thanks to its subtle way of blending into the decor, the recessed spot is often preferred to fill our interiors with light. Especially energy-intensive, halogen spots can be easily replaced in favor of less greedy LED spots and having, in addition, the advantage of not heating. A ceiling fan is much heavier than a recessed lamp and therefore needs additional support.

The recessed light box must be replaced by a special box that is reinforced in a roof beam or in a block of wood between two roof beams and recessed light converter the other into a tracking light with its own light switch control. This can be done, but even in the best case, you will have to pass an additional cable from the switch box to one of the luminaires. It becomes more complicated if the power of the switch is entering one of the two lights.

In this case, you would need to pass a 3-wire and ground cable from the switch box to the light with the incoming power line. On the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor, under shelves, recessed light converter spotlights can be installed anywhere! For a new installation, the installation of recessed spots requires a space to hide the power of the spots, such as a false ceiling if it is for a ceiling lamp: count about 10 cm of space between the 2 walls.

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