Innovation Wall Sconce With On Off Switch

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Wall Sconce With On Off Switch – Ideally, the wall lamp will be placed at a location already provided with an electrical supply to feed it. Failing this, you will be required to pull a new line from the switch in the room or the general board of the dwelling, by digging a line along the wall. To avoid this extra work and expensive, it is best to put the wall light in a place provided for this purpose from the outset.

First, turn off the power at the circuit breaker to handle electrical wires safely. Mark the fixing holes with the erasable pencil, then drill the wall with a drill adapted to the nature of the wall and peg. Then screw the bottom of the wall sconce with on off switch before making the electrical connections respecting the color codes: red for the phase, blue for the neutral and green-yellow for the earth. If necessary, strip the wires a few millimeters.

Remember that you must also place an order that should be delivered with your wall sconce with on off switch if it is not a simple switch. With a more complex control without a switch, it will always be interesting to install an additional switch that will cut the power in case of concern. You can either put the control and the switch side by side or install the switch on the side of the socket. In either case, you will need a flush-mount box.

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