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Decorative Recessed Light Covers – A recessed light installation is not finished until the decorative trim, or cover is put in place. The adjustment is needed to cover the jagged edges times in the drywall that are the result of cutting the access holes for the installation of light articles. The installation of a recessed light cover is simple: just make sure you buy the right size fit. Buy recessed light covers that match the dimensions of the openings of the home in light installations being installed.

The most common dimensions of housing openings are 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches. Hold the decorative recessed light covers against the recessed lamp so that the inside edge of the cover is aligned with the edge of the luminaire. Use needle nose pliers to stretch the spring hooks so that they can be inserted into the support holes inside the luminaire housing. Before connecting the springs, rotate the cover so that the hooks are aligned with the support holes.

Move the cover to the recessed light as necessary, so that it will cover up any area of drywall cut. Although the covers are installed, they can be moved slightly to ensure a perfect appearance. If you can buy a decorative recessed light covers that has been made by the same manufacturer as the recessed lighting fixture, it will have an easier installation.

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