LED Panels Square Recessed Lighting Trim

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Square Recessed Lighting Trim – It is a product of high luminosity that projects a completely uniform light that does not tire to the eye, has no flickering and does not emit ultraviolet radiation. The LED panels are ultra-flat and have a modern and elegant design, which can be installed on any surface without highlighting too much in the environment.

There are three systems for placing square recessed lighting trim: Recessed installation in the ceiling, suspended in the air by a hanging kit or installed on the surface thanks to the placement with some hardware. LED panels are luminaires specially designed for installation under ceiling or walls, so this type of installation is the most common. This type of installation will require the use of a set of 4 clips to fix the panel in a false ceiling. This type of installation of LED panels is especially successful in large environments and especially high ceilings with very clean and minimalist visual aspects.

This installation requires an installation kit to suspend ceiling. In case the installation is not square recessed lighting trim or suspended, the installation of the led panel will be on the surface. The installation will require a panel assembly on fittings coupled to the surface, either under the roof or on the walls. This type of assembly will favor different designs and assemblies in any type of surface or material.

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