Linear Wall Sconce Mirror Bathroom

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Linear Wall Sconce – To adequately illuminate a bathroom mirror it is necessary to combine low voltage lamps on the upper part with 220V lamps on both sides as possible in separate circuits, in order to regulate the number of lights. The position of the upper lamp is key to avoid annoying shadows. The objective is to illuminate the mirror, and that it reflects the light on our face.

A good way to achieve this is to place a downlight on the ceiling, in linear wall sconce with the edge of the countertop or sink, focus on the mirror. If the mirror is wide or you need a lot of light to make-up or shave, you can install two separate lights about 60-80 cm and focused at an angle to the center of the mirror. Normally this upper lamp will offer a correct level of light, but with shadows under the nose and chin. To cancel them, we will use energy saving lamps on both sides of the mirror that create an intermediate light and that will also soften skin tones.

Wall sconces with satin glass tubular screens will be a good choice. Another very attractive option to illuminate a mirror is to install a low-voltage linear wall sconce or a recessed LED strip following the perimeter of the mirror and mount the mirror on top so that a halo of light is created around the mirror.

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