Mini Led Recessed Lights Low Consumption

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Mini Led Recessed Lights – It is increasingly common to replace the old low-consumption downlight with other LED downlights that allow us to save up to 80% in consumption. An LED downlight is a lamp formed by a set of LEDs connected in series, capable of instantly illuminating an area with a powerful light, without generating heat and allowing us to save on electricity consumption. If you want to know how to install your new LED downlight quickly and easily read on.

To begin, make sure that the fitting diameter of the mini led recessed lights downlight you have purchased corresponds to the diameter of the hole in the ceiling. Provided that this is not bigger than the downlight will have a remedy. Disconnect the general light before handling any electrical device. Disengage the downlight to be replaced with the care that the ceiling clamps do not jump. The low-energy downlight will be connected to a transformer, usually of a large size, which in turn will be connected to the general electrical network.

Disconnect it from the network. The mini led recessed lights downlight is accompanied by a driver, a small transformer, connect it to the general network (positive with positive and negative with negative.) You may need a connector to connect the cable connections once the driver is connected to the general network, you will have to join this one, by means of the fast connection to the downlight.

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