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Wall Sconce Shelf – In addition to being very easy to implement, this idea to make a decorative shelf with a built-in lamp cannot be more special and different. You like? Well, get down to work and in less than you imagine this shelf with light will be decorating one of your walls. You will find all these elements in any specialized store.

If it is a retro air lamp, like the one mounted on this shelf with light, you can choose a braided electric cable that imitates the old one. It can be black, white or any other color. The wall sconce shelf holder is the accessory in which the decorative bulb is screwed. You have many materials, but for this work, you will have to choose a brass one. The first thing you have to do to build your own shelf with light is to assemble all parts of the lamp.

Start with the wiring of the power outlet. Peel a piece of braided cable (approximately 1.5 cm) with the wire stripper and leave the two wires inside. To make it peel with the wire stripper a piece of the wall sconce shelf cable at the other end (about 1.5 cm). Dismantle the plug and hold the two wires inside, white and black, to the two small screws on the plug. Through the cover and tighten the screws.

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