Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce Option Style

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce – When it comes to DIY, installing a wall light is one of the simplest things to do. The wall lamp provides soft, subdued lighting that is perfect for corridors and stairs and can be as important for interior lighting. If you plan to put a wall lamp, here is a guide that will be of great use. Before you begin your installation, make sure your tool kit contains the following: tape measure, hammer, drill, screwdriver, and spirit level.

For optimal use, install your wall lamp at a height of approximately 1.80 m from the floor. In general, you already have electrical wires coming out of your wall at this height, which makes it even easier. If your wall has these wires, you still have to make pencil crosses to mark the area where you want to put the oil rubbed bronze wall sconce. Drill the holes in the marked areas using your drill. To install the wall light, place it on the holes you have drilled and clear the wires.

Using your bubble level, make sure the oil rubbed bronze wall sconce is perpendicular to the wall. Then insert the screws into the holes and screw tightly to secure. Now you can connect the 3 wires to the connector of your wall light. To do this, strip the ends of these wires 8 mm apart with a pair of pliers. Then insert them into the connection terminals and screw.

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