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Recessed Light Covers – Lights or recessed lighting is one of the most versatile lighting options on the market. Do not let your discreet nature fool you, these lights are strong. Place them in the ceiling sky for discrete general lighting, either for your home or office. Place them in the sink or on the desk for direct (or directed) lighting, or direct them to any piece of art you like for ideal accent lighting. If you are going to build a new house or office, you will need boxes specially designed for new buildings.

If you are replacing an old recessed light or adding it to an existing structure, you will need an old construction or remodeling box. Fire Resistant Light Covers: In the past, many contractors and builders fought to maintain the fire resistance of the roof by being penetrated by recessed light covers fixtures. They built plasterboard boxes or relied on expensive fire-resistant lights. But, in addition to its high price, these lights are only available in select sizes and colors, limiting the options of the builders.

An intelligent and classified UL alternative, are fire resistant light covers. The recessed light covers are made of an intumescing material that expands internally to cover all available spaces with a highly insulating and fire resistant film. They are easy to install and can be adapted in seconds, simply put them on the light without any other additional tool.

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