Recessed Light Trim Option Installation

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Recessed Light Trim – Recessed luminaires can add light to space without cluttering the ceiling with additional installations. Create a more dramatic look in your living space or add much-needed light in a hallway or bathroom, while maintaining a clean look. Climb into your attic to look for junction boxes and make sure that you will not have any other drywall on your ceiling cut anything.

When choosing the location of your recessed light trim, it is important to know where the joists and wires are under the ceiling. Gently draw a circle on the ceiling using the model provided with your light fixture as a guide. Mark the center of where you want your device, and align a cut hole saw with that mark. Turn off the electricity at the circuit. Run your electrical wiring from a power source to a switch box, then into your hole for the fixture. Match the three wires inside your device with the wire you pulled from your location.

White to the white wire, black to black, and earth to earth. Be sure to crown the wires and tape with electrical tape so that the caps cannot come off. Align the packing with the appropriate holes and push the packing into place. Recessed light trim is mounted on the unit by springs or squeezable bars. A general rule for recessed lighting placement, 4-inch fixtures should be installed 4 feet apart, and 6-inch accessories should be installed 6 feet apart.

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