Recessed Lighting Housing Ceiling Installation

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Recessed Lighting Housing – Installing recessed lighting in your home can change the look of a room. All the built-in cans are basically the same; the placement and adjustment light to make the difference in the type of light the lamp produces. Recessed lights with baffle ornaments are used most frequently for general, accent and task lighting. The installation process is relatively quick and easy.

Turn off the switch on the main electrical panel to stop the current of the recessed lighting circuit. Use an electric two-prong tester and place one tooth inside the socket of the light bulb recessed and the other end to the metal of the recessed lighting housing can. Your tester should not turn on if the electricity has been disconnected properly. Install the recessed lighting deflector. Slide the baffle into the built-in device and grasp the small spring, rolled in your fingers and extend, hook it to the inside of the built-in appliance or on the plate of the plug that holds the baffle to the fitting.

Turn the switch on the main electrical panel to restore power to the recessed lighting housing circuit. When turning the power supply in the area that is working to avoid electric shock, especially when you have to get inside a lighting device. To install electrical appliances (sockets, switches, etc …) you should use flush-mounted boxes for mechanisms.

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