Recessed Lighting Installation Types

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Recessed Lighting Installation – The recessed lights are bright, modern and do not take up space. These devices are becoming very fashionable in homes. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you install the recessed lights alone. The first and most important step for installing the recessed lights is to carefully determine the area you want the lights to light. Take your time in the placement.

Trace the outline of the recessed lighting installation with a pencil so you know where to cut the ceiling. Using a knife, make shallow cuts where you want to cut the hole. I will not be able to see completely through the ceiling yet. Using the drywall saw, cut slots from the center of the circle to the edges you scored. Clean the drywall. If there is anything that sticks out, be sure to fold or cut it up with the rest of the “cut” drywall. Pass the cable from the power source of the holes.

Attach about 8 inches of wire to the junction box and remove 1 inch from the end. In the place of the appliance, pull the recessed lighting installation cable from the hole and into the connection box of the appliance. Grasp the cable to secure it in place and strip the ends of the cable. Put all the cables in the box. Put the lid on the box in place.

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