Recessed Outdoor Lighting Decoration Ideas

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Recessed Outdoor Lighting – If you are looking for a way to add some decoration ideas to a standard wall block, you may want to consider exterior recessed lights. Not only will they help to illuminate dark roads and outdoor spaces, but they also help to break the profile of the wall, giving it a busier, less monolithic look. Cutting holes in a block wall can be intimidating for a beginner.

With the right plans, you can install recessed lights in a block wall with nothing to afraid. Select a block in the area where you want to mount a recessed outdoor lighting. Measure the length and height of the block to find the center of the face of the block. Make a mark in the middle of the block between the center and one end of the block. This will allow you to cut through the slim part of the wall.

This not only makes it easier to cut a recessed outdoor lighting hole, which will have a smaller impact on the strength of the wall. Insert a bit into the chuck of a hammer drill and tighten the chuck. Set the drill mode to “hammer”. Place the tip of the bit on the mark on the face of the block. Drill through the face of the block. Remove the bit from the drill. Insert a concrete saw hole in the drill, and tighten the clamp.

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