Retrofit Recessed Lighting Option Choice

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Retrofit Recessed Lighting – There are many types of lights that you can install in your home, with different lights that serve different purposes. Recessed lights are often used in areas where a hanging light can be an obstacle, such as in a false ceiling or in a false ceiling. Another place where recessed lights can be used on a sloping roof. The lights can be placed inside the ceiling near the bottom edge without having an accessory hanging.

Use a study finder to locate the ceiling beams in the area where the lights are installed, as well as the location of the wooden posts on the wall where the light switch will be installed. Trace the outline of one of the lighting cans on the roof in each place where the lights are being installed. The retrofit recessed lighting is placed between the roof rafters. Cut a hole in the ceiling at each point with a drywall saw.

Keep an electrical box of work on the mounted between the studs where you connect the light switch. Trace the outline of the box on the wall, and then make a hole in the wall with the drywall saw. Streak pieces of 12/2 electrical wire between the location of your main electrical board and the hole for the light switch, the retrofit recessed lighting switch and the hole in the ceiling of the first light, and between each ignition hole.

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