Rustic Wall Sconces Best Decoration Style

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Rustic Wall Sconces – It’s funny but what we can do by recycling, and in this case, let us some wall sconces from recycling some old sconces that had kept at home, and it’s time to use them. Decorative cover new appliques will pinewood, which has been overrunning me from other projects while applying structure recycled some old sconces. Therefore, the economic expense in this work is minimal.

We start with the recycling of some old rustic wall sconces that we can have at home, where we will reuse the parts of the same that we are interested in. In this case, we will have the support of interest applied, the same will allow us to hold the fixture to the wall, the socket housing to place the bulb, and also hold the cover dressing applied. We are also going to use a piece of wood, which we have left over from other carpentry projects.

We can soften the edges of the wood that decorates our rustic wall sconces, for this, we can use the router or router. I used a milling cutter with a concave finish. Next, mark on the back of the wood, the place where to hold the support. I have decided to open some holes by the front, and making it match the bulb, to have a greater lighting of the wall. The screw that brings the system of subjection of the old wall lamp.

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