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Sconces Wall Decor – In this style of lighting the focus is the center of attention: the light emanates directly from the bulb, which is not concealed or hidden, but is displayed openly, without screens, tulips or other accessories that filter the light. The return to this type of lighting is due in large part to the rise of industrial and contemporary styles. Within them today we focus on one of its most interesting types: wall sconces.

On the one hand, the industrial style sconces wall decor reminds us of the lighting of the factories and industries where the wiring was fully visible and fixed as it could to the walls and beams of the interior. On the other hand, contemporary wall sconces combine lamps of a certain industrial air with completely innovative design supports, with modern and rounded lines in metallic or lacquered tones. This type of wall lamps consists of a spotlight and a halogen bulb, led or other kind embedded in its support.

The contemporary style sconces wall decor conceals any type of wiring and offers a totally clean and neat finish. This modality is frequently used in the design of hotels and restaurants since they allow directing the light without changing the distribution of the points of light adapting to different situations.  In another section, its use in the home has won many followers because of the sophisticated touch it brings.

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