Sloped Ceiling Recessed Lighting Ideas

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Sloped Ceiling Recessed Lighting – Whether fixed or adjustable, with or without an intensity controller, the LED spot storms interiors. It is now the essential accessory to put in place a refined and particular lighting. The set is very easily melted into the decor and arises in a few simple movements. However, only people with a base in manual practice can really get away. If this is not your case, the ideal is to call a professional.

The most important is compliance with safety rules, but especially current electrical standards such as the NFC 15-100. Well before starting the actual installation, it is important to stop the electric current. Once this prerequisite is done, make the choice of the place that will host your sloped ceiling recessed lighting. This is where the compass and pencil will help you, as they will help you place a marker on the location you have chosen. Although the operation may seem relatively simple, it will still have to be careful.

The installation of the transformer must be done in a well-ventilated place and at a distance less than 3 meters from the LED sloped ceiling recessed lighting. To avoid any accident after, the ideal is to isolate well the material spot and transformer. If your false ceiling already has insulation, your safety is even greater. If so, get advice on the equipment to use. Many people opt for small terracotta pots as insulation.

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