Small Recessed Lights Downlight Installation

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Small Recessed Lights – How to install a recessed down light? (Version with clips) This electrical installation is accessible to people having a minimum of manual practice. Before installing the false ceiling, it is preferable to install the electrical circuit so as to facilitate its operation as well as its preventive and corrective maintenance. Before any intervention, locate the electrical panel.

Then cut off the power supply to the circuit breaker or fuse holder supplying the circuit of the luminaire to be installed and/or if electrical cables are present in the work area to avoid a domestic accident. To install the small recessed lights spot with clips, about ten centimeters difference between the wall of the false ceiling and the ceiling are recommended to accommodate the fixing system and the lamp and the thermal protection housing covering them. Before cutting the false ceiling and if you have not fixed it, examine with a metal detector the positions of the amounts supporting.

For example, plasterboard or other metal bars and possibly the presence copper pipes. Make a small hole in the spot of the future small recessed lights spot and insert a folded rigid electrical wire, for example, to verify that the hole is well located between two posts or joists, other pipes, and electrical cables. Either you use a compass or you use the template sold with the spot and trace the circle to the inside diameter of the trim.

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