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Recessed Lighting Ideas – Today we want to focus on the first betting on spotlights for a functional and discreet lighting design, providing a slight decorative touch to any space. Technical lighting does not cease to be decorative but deals with more complex aspects that have more to do with how light behave in a space than with the appearance of the luminaire.

For example, we can opt for a wall-mounted to achieve facade lighting, opt for an orientation lighting to guide us in areas of passage and outdoor environments or by recessed lighting ideas or surface to achieve both global lightings. The built-in spotlights are the most common in homes today, specially designed to illuminate corridors, bathrooms, and kitchens, which are the three rooms that usually allow the placement of a false ceiling with enough space to be able to embed them.

The first thing we should think about when choosing the most suitable focus is if we want to bet on fixed or adjustable spotlights. The fixed spotlights always place the beam of light at the same point, while the adjustable recessed lighting ideas spotlights allow controlling the directionality of the light turning them towards a certain point at our convenience. With the fixed spotlights we will achieve an optimal general lighting for the whole room since the beam of light is placed in the center, while the adjustable spotlights will allow us if we want to focus our attention on a specific point.

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