Square Recessed Lighting Option Types

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Square Recessed Lighting – The kitchen is one of the most important and busy parts of a home. Its decoration and lighting take special relevance in avant-garde homes, which opt for aesthetics without losing sight of safety and functionality. Today, and continuing with the theme of giving you current ideas for the lighting of modern homes. In this other post, we talk about corridor lighting with LED wall sconces.

We show you a wide selection of special ceiling square recessed lighting to light modern kitchens, of different shapes and sizes, ideal to adapt to the needs of your lighting project. In a kitchen, daily tasks are carried out that require an extra and precise contribution of light. Thus, a good and studied lighting is essential to review also this article on how to illuminate kitchens creatively to get a correct traceability of the food that will be handled and cooked.

Undoubtedly, LED and electronic fluorescent light bulbs are the most suitable for lighting the kitchens, as it is a room where the light goes on for long periods of time. The square recessed lighting ceiling that uses LED lamps with reflectors, such as the Eclipse and Battery model is shown in the photo above, are the perfect choice for light kitchens of modern design. Round, square or elongated, can be used as a composition, as a complement to a central point of light.

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