Stained Glass Wall Sconce Combination Ideas

Stained Glass Wall Sconce Single View in gallery

Stained Glass Wall Sconce – A glass lamp looks better in perfect combination with the interior. To allow you an optimal choice, we produce more than 2000 models and lamp variants. Part of them can be ordered in different colors. The finishes in the components of the lamps guarantee their durability and resistance. Only enamels subjected to temperatures higher than 150 ° C are used, which guarantee a high resistance to the environment.

In glass pendants for ceiling lamps, stained glass wall sconce and other lamps with the S mark, only optical glass is used, which thanks to its composition guarantees diffraction of daylight and artificial sources in all shades of the spectrum visible, from 390 to 790 nm. The lamps, the pendants and the components of the lamps are designed in such a way that the brightness of the pendants used in their construction stand out as much as possible. Carved pendants, used in ceiling, standing and wall lamps.

They are treated with a special soft polishing method, to achieve a high brightness and a clear glow. Wall sconce guarantees the delivery of original spare parts for the ceiling, floor and stained glass wall sconce, directly from the factory or through its distributors in almost the entire world. In the carved bowls of the lamps, a decoration is carved that recalls the flight of the dragonfly. This decoration is what creates the true harmony of the carved bowls.

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