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Tiffany Wall Sconce – Tiffany lamps are lamps that are characterized by having original screens that are based on designs related to nature. These lamps are made by joining small pieces of glass with lead. As they are usually rather exclusive and expensive lamps, we are going to give you an idea to imitate this type of lamps. The first thing we should do is clean the lamp shade.

In our case, it will be a matt glass since it will visually give it a greater presence. To clean the tulip, just moisten a rag with alcohol. It is recommended that the cloth does not give off lint. Once we have chosen tiffany wall sconce the decorative motif, we will draw it on the screen with a permanent marker and let it dry. Next, we are going to apply the lead following the drawing that we just made with the permanent marker. Depending on the thickness of line that we want, we will have to tighten the tube more or less.

Before the lead hardens, we will press gradually with a stick or flat stick. It is important to smooth it well so that the finish is better. The next step is to paint the tulip with the chosen tiffany wall sconce colors. For this, it is best to use a brush, and for the corners or edges with lead, you can use a very fine-tipped brush.

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