Tips Connecting Electric Wall Sconces

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Electric Wall Sconces – Connecting a wall lamp is accessible to as many people as possible, provided that the chosen location has been provided for this purpose as soon as the housing is built. The wall lamp is an ideal solution for providing soft lighting in a dwelling. It is rather intended for aesthetic use, in the living room, for example, to create an intimate atmosphere, or outside to highlight the house.

To avoid more work, the connection of a wall light requires the presence of an electrical supply in the wall at the chosen location. Otherwise, you will have to bleed into the wall to run the wires to the switch. That is why it is better to install electric wall sconces at a place intended for this purpose from the start. Precaution of use essential before starting: turn off the power at the breaker. Place the wall light at the desired location near the electrical outlet, then mark the mounting points on the wall with a black pencil.

Then take your electric drill and make the holes at marked locations, using, of course, a wick adapted to the type of wall (concrete, wood, universal). Read our tips on how to properly use your drill. Insert the wall plugs into the wall to reinforce the wall bracket attachment. And fix the bottom of the electric wall sconces.

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