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Vintage Wall Sconces – Wall sconces are a practical solution to illuminate details that we want to highlight (paintings, shelves, mirrors …) or to illuminate the rooms in a general way, also contributing to the decorative style: modern, classic, rustic. To ensure comfort and safety in the home, install sconces with a motion sensor, which turns on at your pace. Help save on electricity consumption.

The wall ceiling is the same as that used for ceilings. It is the accessory that will fasten the entire vintage wall sconces and consists of around and hollow plate that on the back includes a metal bridge, which we will attach to the wall. The first thing we will do is join the arm to the wall. To do this, we will place the intern or stop first, then we will introduce the arm in the top and fix it to it with a simple 10/100 pitch nut.

Once this is done we will proceed to unite the portatulipas. To do this we put the other stop or intern at the free end of the arm and then put the laptop. This will be fastened when we screw the vintage wall sconces. Once we have all these accessories assembled, we only have to make the electrical connection. We pass a two-wire cable through our wall and connect it to the bushing.

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