Wall Sconce Candle Holder Art Decor

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Wall Sconce Candle Holder – Although the most common is to see wall sconces in corridors or stairs, this type of lighting is very versatile and has a wide variety of shapes, functions, and designs. The use of candles for lighting is a very interesting way to bring warmth to the spaces of your home, the yellow and dim light provides a soft and romantic atmosphere, which is undoubtedly very appropriate for certain, rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms.

You can make yourself a wall sconce candle holder with few materials and resources and in a very simple way. How to make an original wall chandelier. To make this simple chandelier you only need an old plank, wood paint, soup spoons, nails and a wall anchor. As you can see in the photograph, you will only have to stick the soup spoons to the previously painted table and bend carefully so that the concave part of the spoons does not break inwards.

To anchor, the wall sconce candle holder, a hook and a small 8mm diameter wall anchor will suffice. Undoubtedly, this original and simple chandelier will be an element that will make a difference in the decoration of your home and also will bring a different degree of lighting to the rest of the rooms. In the corridors, stairs, and entrances it is very common to use wall sconces.

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