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Wall Sconces Candles – The first thing you have to do when safely installing a wall sconce is to choose a wall sconce that has built-in safety devices. Always choose a candle holder that has a hurricane glass or other type of glass that completely surrounds the candle from top to bottom. This feature will eliminate the possibility of wax mounting on your walls, floors or carpets.

The next thing to do is to position the wall sconces candles far enough away from flammable objects such as curtains, wall art, coat racks and other items that could catch fire if your wall light is placed too close. Now you should consider how high on the wall you should place your wall light. To determine how high on the wall of your candle holder should be you should consider your personal situation.

Take into consideration only if you have children or elderly people around. The first way to hang your wall light is to use a wall anchor. These dowels come in a variety of screw sizes. Because of the different anchor size, you want to make sure that the anchor you use is the right size to match the screw you will end up screwing into the anchor. If the anchor is too big for the screw, the wall sconces candles will not be fixed to the wall properly.

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