West Elm Wall Sconce Some Style

West Elm Wall Sconce Traditional View in gallery

West Elm Wall Sconce – The wall sconces are known for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the house, but also have the advantage of enlarging a room. The wall light is ideal for creating mood lighting. Once you have found your ideal position, draw it on the wall with a pencil. Warning: the wall lamp cannot be positioned too low if it is placed above a chair or a reading corner.

If you install it too low, you risk bumping into it when you sit up. In the electrical box, turn off the power and check for power failure using the voltage tester. Remove the nearest power outlet from the wall. With a hole saw, make a hole for the recess box of the new west elm wall sconce point. Make a kerf between the hole in the handshake and the recess box. Read our trick & trick ‘Practicing a bloodletting in a wall and relining it’ for the exact method to follow.

Place a plastic chute in the groove and use jumpers to fix it in the kerf. To fix the recessed boxes of the socket and the spot of west elm wall sconce, use a little quick-setting plaster that you put in the hole using a spatula. Read the advice ‘Placing an additional recessed socket’. To control the wall light, install an additional switch. The easiest way is to place this switch near an existing outlet.

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