Wooden Material Pottery Barn Wall Sconce

Pottery Barn Wall Sconce Modern View in gallery

Pottery Barn Wall Sconce – Making your own wooden lamp is easier than you imagine and the result is truly amazing. With a little imagination and reusing the materials we have, we can create great lamps. As a first step, we are going to peel one end of the cable. We remove the screw to the enfuche and open it. We present the cables in the plug as shown in the plans.

We are going to loosen the two little screws that are inside the plug and to pass the ends of the stripped wires pottery barn wall sconce through the space that is between the screw and the nut. In this case, it is indistinct which cable goes in which screw. Then we adjust the screws again so that the cables are locked in place. Then we fix the cable (where the woven end begins) to the plug so that it does not move.

We close the plug again. Disarm our pottery barn wall sconce holder. Again we are going to loosen the screws of the lamp holder to pass the stripped wires from the other end of our cable through the hole that is observed in the image. Peel the cables from the opposite end to the plug. We place the stripped wires in the holes that were left after loosening the screws. Let’s adjust again. If we are going to use a wooden L to hang our lamp.

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